Corfu is one of the western islands of Greece (‘Heptanissa’, ‘Seven ‘Islands’) and is the northernmost large island of the Ionian sea. Its regional location (red pin) can be seen from the below map. Clicking on the map will open a larger version in a new tab in your browser.

 corfu island location

 The plot is located on the northern coast of Corfu, 42 km (26 miles) from Corfu town and a few miles west of Kassiopi. It affords a beautiful view of the sea and of Albania across the Straits of Corfu.

The plot has been marked by a red dot in the below map of Corfu (please click on the image to enlarge in a  new tab) :

corfu map with plot in red

The plot is marked in yellow in the below view from Space… (again, please click on the image to enlarge in a  new tab) :



All the above images are courtesy Google Inc (Google Maps and Google Earth).